A comprehensive investment course

Systematically generate a safe 20-30% profit on your savings ... also when stock markets fall ... by devoting only 2 hours a week!

Start earning safely on Polish, American shares and funds. Use all the investment decisions automating IT tools that we have been using for 7 years.

We will lead you by the hand

We present the full process of each investment. Step by step, we lead you to implement this process at home and generate 20-30% per year. INDEFINITELY you become a member of COMMUNITY of people who invest alongside yourself. Learning is spread over 20 weeks, so that you gradually absorb all the elements, even if you are a beginner.

Comfortable learning from home

Because all meetings and lessons are online, you do not need to commute and you save costs. We also run individual 1-on-1 sessions, that is the most effective form of achieving results. We are the only one to guarantee the results of investment on the stock exchange. If you are not satisfied, we will return the money immediately, without any questions.

What exactly the AmiInwestor course is

Regardless of which bundle you choose, we have 24 months to implement and improve your successful investment in US stock and ETFs, so that you can safely achieve 20-30% per year. During this time, you are also a participant in the investors community. We will teach you the basic use of Amibroker program within the investments that you undertake, regardless of the market, so you will save a lot of searching time, your investment process will be organized, and all information will be under one finger along with a list of ready-to-open transactions! The good news is that there is room to adapt everything to your tastes and needs in order for you to feel comfortable.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the Amibroker program, which automates the investment process, so that it can become your most helpful investing tool.

You will receive Ready-to-use Tools for measuring cross-sectional trends of the Polish market, along with OPEN AFL CODE (for the advanced and not only):

A trendometer that scans WIG20, mWIG40 and MiS80 markets

thanks to which you will know exactly where the particular market segment as well as the entire market in Poland is: in the growth phase, in the correction phase or in the declining phase, if it is in the declining phase, you simply leave the market, if it grows, nothing stands in the way to make money on it, it is as simple as green and red light. Green – you enter and buy companies, red – you refrain from investing or limit it significantly. The effectiveness of this tool has been proved by many historical tests, as well as our own experience over the course of 7 years of constant application.

Tools for automatic liquidity and volume selection,

thanks to which you will only open positions on companies which, firstly, will give you such an opportunity, secondly – you will not move the market or change the price as a result of opening your order. They will also enable you to safely leave the company. That's exactly where liquidity and volume are needed.

Tools for automatic selection of the best companies by criteria filter

thanks to which you will be given a list of companies, which statistically prove to be most profitable, not only because of their foundations, but also due to their technical situation. With this filter you no longer have to search the entire market, but only selected few or a dozen of the best companies that statistically will give you the best chance of success.

Selection tools for the moment of entry

thanks to which you simply know that you should open an order on a given company, at a given price level, but also at what price level you should close the order to risk as little as possible. This is the next stage of selection, after which only a few best companies remain, best suited for taking positions.

How will you learn about the functioning of investment tools?

What else will you gain thanks to the course and our community?

Access to the "analytical" webinar "live" once a week

throughout the duration of the entire program, through which we will jointly look at the companies that I follow for the purpose of investments, as well as companies that are followed by other participants. You will be able to receive answers to questions that bother you. They will also allow you to choose what is best for you based on the questions and experience of other people, and often build long-term relationships with people who think similarly.

Access to the "implementation" webinar "live" once a week

throughout the implementation period of your system, you will be able to ask questions that will allow you to implement our strategy at home, as well as dispel any doubts.

Amibroker user's manual

thanks to which, if you are passionate, you are interested in investment programming, you will have the only user compendium written in Polish, so you can also check why the functions in our devices work in a particular way and modify them according to your needs.

• most important functions that are needed to create indicators, own market searches, so-called exploration and testing of transaction systems are thoroughly described there

• For people who do not read in English, the additional advantage is that it is the only manual that was created in Polish

Pattern Explorer – 3 advanced programs for studying candlestick patterns

thanks to which you will be able to invest in companies that in addition to the possibility of profit on the prices shift, will also give you a quarterly payment of 3, 5, 10 percent, or even more, per year – an additional bonus and passive income.

Email support

In the US section you will receive

Ready tools for the US market

I. Dividend scanners> 3, 5, 10, ... 30

Thanks to which, in a few seconds you will create a list of companies paying out dividends only because you own them. So you can earn not only on the price increase, but also on the quarterly dividend. This is an excellent passive income. Dividend companies are favorite “bites” of some large investment funds, thanks to which your investment is under good wings.

II. Liquidation value scanners

Thanks to this, you will only be able to open positions on companies that, firstly, will give you such an opportunity, secondly – you will not move the market or change the price as a result of opening your order and you’ll be able to leave safely. That’s exactly why liquidity and volume are needed. High liquidity is also associated with stability.

III. 2 Trendmeters of Nyse and Nasdaq Markets

Nearly guaranteeing that you are on the good side of the market, green indicates that we can buy companies without obstacles, this color means that we are in the broad market growth, while red or yellow means a significant correction or even a bear market – this is when we leave the market or limit our participation. With the red color, we can also consider short positions, i.e. earning on the fall of companies’ prices. This tool is like a pedestrian crossing light, I cannot imagine investing without it now.

IV. Scanner of candidate companies to buy

Thanks to this tool, only these American companies that present the best investment opportunity will be left in the picture as the scanner will search them for you most often within a few seconds.

V. Correction scanner for long and short positions

Thanks to this, you can precisely determine the moment of the position entry into so-called breakout, but also the moments of exit, i.e. the Stop Loss order that guarantees you the ideal time to leave the transaction. In other words, you will get a specific place where you should enter transactions at a given price level which you should stick with, ready to be put into the order booklet.

VI. Scanner of fundamentally strong stocks

Thanks to this, you will get rid of companies that are obviously overstated as far as their fundamental strength is concerned and their growth may suddenly and rapidly stop as usually a big investor states that the profit possibilities have been exhausted. The better the foundations and the more underestimated the companies, the more able they are to surprise us with huge growth, thanks to which you will be sure that you can enter a company with capital, and you can always leave and find the recipient of your shares when your investments are to be completed. It is also a condition for the stability of growth.

VII. Skaner spółek kandydatów do sprzedaży krótkiej

Dzięki temu, kiedy rynek spada znajdziesz spółki, które przedstawiają najlepsze okazje do zarabiania na spadkach, czyli otwieranie tak zwanych krótkich pozycji, coś o czym jedynie mogą marzyć inwestorzy w Polsce posiadając jedynie kilka spółek umożliwiających krótką sprzedaż. Na całym rynku amerykańskim jest ich tysiące, zatem jest z czego wybierać, są to tzw. “shortable stocks”

VIII. Scanners of alternative places to open positions

Working with accordance with technical and volume analysis, tested on thousands of historical data, so that while opening the position you know exactly the efficiency statistics, the place where the position is opened, and statistically best closure moment.

Pro - Trader path from novice to Nyse and Nasdaq warhorse:

All Tools have clear video instructions on how and when to use them to facilitate the initial stage of adventure with the US market. We present exactly, step by step, how to start – Brokers / Commissions / Savings / Advantages / currency exchange / currency transfer. In short – all you need to start and profitably multiply money.

They will allow you to determine if the market is in the growth, decline or correction phase, thanks to which you will know how big your market activity should be and which direction you should bet on.

You must know them. They are going to be your signposts and will ensure your advantage over others.

Without them you are not going to enter the market properly. Thanks to them, your position opening moment will be clearly defined and you will always stay on the strong side of the market trend, which will carry your positions.

Thanks to this you will find out step by step how to correctly assess exactly where, and on which companies, to complete the buy or sell order.

It helps you determine the turning point on a given company, it will often be very helpful in finding peak, trough or the end of the market correction, which in turn will increase your chances of success.

Thanks to this, you will have a statistical advantage over other market participants, you will only consider statistically better values.

Pozwolą Ci ustalić dokładne miejsce otwarcia Twojego zlecenia

My favourite moment of entering the market. Thanks to the breakout game, I do not have to follow the market, but it is the market that decides when to carry me with it. This significantly increases the probability of success in a given transaction.

Thanks to this you will attain peace of mind, half of your transactions will be closed in a very short time and with a probability of success reaching 75%. The other half of the transaction, on the other hand, stays on the market longer, generating large profits. It gives a very positive psychological effect in the form of the vast majority of profitable transactions, and at the same time leaves us open for unlimited growth on the companies. We achieve big gains by moving our Stop Loss order higher and higher, securing profits./p>

You will be able, on the beginning on the faith of historical data, make sure that your understanding of the market, your own way that you have learnt, makes your positions generate profit./p>

It gives you the opportunity to gradually secure more and more profit. This is the best method known to me to squeeze the most out of the market. A frequent problem for investors is the closing of positions too early, which in effect leads to numerous transactions, but a small total profit in a given period. It is much better to pull out as much as possible from each position. This is the Stop Loss method, which secures more and more profits. However, you must know exactly at what point in time to do so, so that in case the market throws you out of position, i.e., close your position, the Stop Loss order becomes as small as possible.

Thanks to this, you will discover incredible opportunities to invest in funds related to raw materials such as gold, silver, platinum, oil, gas, industry funds, and index-linked funds that not only give you an amazing growth potential, but also guarantee that you will not lose all capital on a given investment, even in case we do not apply a Stop Loss order. Due to the nature of the diversified investment and the stability of the fund.

Absolutely key feature of the best traders, thanks to which you will never lose more capital than you originally set up, and you will get the most out of your investment. It is the capital management that gives us comfort and security, and – if necessary – allows to squeeze out everything that “the factory gives” from the market.

Thanks to this, you will not only understand the basic mechanisms according to which the mind of a person opening positions on the stock market functions, but also will avoid the majority of traps that your own brain is preparing for you: on one hand, giving you security, on the other, invoking a feeling of greed during the ups and downs, as well as huge fear, when you start to lose. Properly prepared psyche combined with a good system and good capital management is a guarantee of success. It is even said that psychology is the most important of these three elements – it means you. It turns out that by using the same mechanisms, we can prepare our brain to stay resistant to such unwanted fluctuations.


Check if AmiInwestor Academy is for you!

Check if AmiInwestor Academy is for you! For whom?

• If you are a person who plans to invest from 10,000 PLN to 500,000 polish zloty

• You value security of capital and certainty of results

• You want to spend up to 2-3 hours a week to generate 20-30% per year

• You are not interested in advanced programming and transaction systems testing

• You want to focus on ready-to-use investment support tools


• PLN 500 / month gross with a minimum 24-month contract

• 700 PLN / month gross for a contract of a minimum 24 months with a guarantee of result and success fee (the possibility of further participation in the community after 24 months)

• PLN 12,000 – total payment for contract without a guarantee of results

• PLN 16,800 – total payment for contract with a guarantee of results

Trial guarantee

If within 30 days from the course beginning you decide that it is not for you, you can opt out and receive a full refund.

Success fee

25% per annum for the period of participation in the community


• 24 months maintenance

• 24 months access to the panel

• Weekly live online meetings: watched companies, market situation, answers to all participants' questions

• 20 "Knowledge" modules arranged in a complete process ready for implementation

• 20 weekly "implementation" online meetings live, answers to all participants' questions

• access and contacts to the investors' community

• access to the Forum

• 30 minutes of individual sessions via Skype/phone per month or 1h per 2 months

Results guarantee

During the participation in the program and community "AmiInwestor", if you apply our techniques, by going through 100% of the materials provided and by attending min. 70% of live online meetings:

• we guarantee that for 24 months you will not lose a single zloty of your total capital, or we will refund all the money (spent on AmiInwestor)

• we guarantee that during the first 24 months of investment, at some point you will reach 30% profit per year (last 4 quarters rolling) – or we return half of the payments (spent on AmiInwestor)

• we guarantee that if at some point in the first 24 months of investment you do not make a minimum of 10% per year (last 4 quarters rolling), we return all the money (spent on AmiInvestor)

Bonuses for participants

Bonus 1

“CheckPoints” table, i.e. “Tick All Elements Before You Buy a Company”

Bonus 2

Ready List of Fundamentally Strong Companies for viewing in Amibroker. Also, you can easily create such lists by using our tips only, we have however prepared them for you so that you do not have to bother.

Bonus 3

Ready List of Dividend Companies for viewing in Amibroker, you could easily create such lists using our tips, but we have also prepared them for you so that you do not have to bother

Bonus 4

Table of Open Positions, i.e. “How I Manage My Order Wallet” – this is a table where you enter your orders. I define the exact entry levels as well as all the necessary features that the item had at the time of opening, so you can later eliminate your mistakes, improve your investment, optimize your system and adjust it better to your character. It is a tool that should accompany your investment. If you think that it takes unnecessarily extra time, then the truth is that it leads to the best use of not only your time but also your capital.

Bonus 5

ETFs table with descriptions. To invest in an ETF, i.e. an Exchange Trading Fund, you need to know exactly what the funds are investing in, that is, the funds listed on the stock exchange. In what, or what instruments, raw materials, sectors, indices – if we know exactly in which instruments the funds invest, we will also be able to better determine which have the best growth potential at any given time. Investing in funds is an addendum to our strategies of investing directly in shares and gives you a lot of advantages. It uses the long-term investment potential. In this type of investing, we can devote a minimum amount of time, with the maximum use of growth potential. Often these strategies do not require us to do more than commit a few dozens of minutes in a month.

Choose the bundle for you:

AmiInwestor Blitzkrieg - NOVELTY

From 3000EUR Individual offer
  • Przyspieszony tryb nauczania Tu i Teraz

  • Wszystkie możliwe dostępy przez 24 miesiące

  • Cotygodniowe spotkania wdrożeniowe

  • Cotygodniowe spotkania analityczne

  • Dostęp i kontakty do społeczności inwestorów

  • Instalacja Amibrokera (w wersji Trial) i wczytanie danych:
    * u klienta w Trójmieście
    * w siedzibie firmy
    * przez TeamViewer

  • Pełny instruktaż na sesji osobistej 1:1

  • Jeśli masz otwarte konto - możesz inwestować już pierwszego dnia


“I am at a different stage, recently in a few months I have earned 100% on my investments in companies … If you know what the rules are, you can feel safe. At the moment I’m handling a large amount.”


“A bank deposit of 2-3% per year – this was insufficient for me. Paweł provides specific IT tools that help to easily search the market. Thanks to this I am able to invest without sacrificing more than 2-3h per week. This approach gives me control over finances. The results are very promising.”


“Today, when the deposit has an interest rate of 2-4%, it is a waste of money, I look for opportunities on the US market using tools. Opportunities appear daily, and the results are much higher than on the deposit.”


Welcome to the Facebook community

This group is used for substantive discussions on organizational issues and on investing in US and Polish shares, using the Amibroker program. We mainly talk about strategies that the participants and graduates of the Investor Development Program and “AmiInvestor” Community learn and use.

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