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We teach profitable investment in US stocks

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My name is
Pawel Zakrzewski

I am happy to share my experience and knowledge, as there is an unimaginable amount of money in the world, which means there’s a lot to share : ) Join us and disregarding of what you could have heard from the skeptics, see that you can multiply money on the stock market yourself.

Here's what you'll gain by participating in the StokSoft community

You will get to know the market trends

We will show you how to measure market trends. This will allow you to determine whether the charts will grow or fall. Such knowledge, properly used, may positively affect the state of your bank account.

Everyday investment opportunities

You are going to learn how, by devoting as little as 20 minutes of your time daily, to search for the best investment opportunities that will generate profit for many months.

Selection of companies

We are going to present the tools that our community has long used for the selection of best-developing companies. Data is presented on the turnover basis, which means that such companies are reliable and secure to invest.

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Comprehensive Investment Course

Systematically generate a safe 20-30% income on your savings… also when stock markets fall… by devoting only 2 hours a week!

Start earning safely on Polish, American stock and funds. Use the IT tools that we have been using for 7 years for automating investment decisions.

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Student reviews

Roger Pydych

“Hello, I went through your Amibroker training and, in my opinion, the knowledge passed by you, Paweł, is – above all – DETAILED and PARTICULAR. In fact, thanks to you I became infected with Amibroker. Although I am not actively participating in the WSE market, I’ve been playing with Amibroker and scripts until this day – for over a year now. All the best, and lots of perseverance in what you do.”

Witold Kościński

“Hello. I am pleased to express my opinion about Paweł and what he does. For me, he is one of the very few who are willing to share their knowledge instead of just making money. I have completed his course and I am super happy. I still have his support. I strongly recommend his services.”

Wiesław Blenlek

“Similarly to my predecessors, I greatly appreciate the information that Paweł shares on his training course. He has the gift of transferring knowledge and does it with great effects. I use this knowledge and it helps me a lot. If there only were more people with such commitment.”

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